Pools & Cabana
EastHampton Pool Opening
JUNE 14, 2020
12:00 p.m.
Dear Residents,
The opening of our pool this season has been quite unique. In order for us to open the HOA must follow State of Georgia Covid-19 requirements. All residents must follow our revised pool rules along with guidelines established by the Cobb County Board of Heath, CDC, and the Governor’s mandates.
The Board of Directors is working with our pool company, our management company, and following the county and CDC mandates to develop our best effort to comply with requirements and provide as safe as an environment as possible for those wanting to enjoy our pool this season.
If we find repeated offenses and non-adherence to the guide lines we will not have any confidence in our ability to provide a safe pool environment and thus will be forced to close our pool.
Below are:
East Hampton Board of Directors

These Revised Rules were adopted by the Board of Directors of EastHampton Community
Association, June 2020.

EH Board of Directors



4421 Waterbury Lane